Dr Sammons meets with Marty Boeckel

Bill Sammons (pictured), Duff Badgley and I met with Marty Boeckel, North Dakota Senator Dorgan’s State Director for the Western Division. Marty was very interested in what we all had to say, and was quite open in telling us she really hadn’t heard much about biomass before she met us. Bill explained that using incineration of biomass to generate electricity and calling it renewable energy makes climate change worse.  He provided the Senator’s office with materials documenting that biomass burning emits fifty percent more CO2 per megawatt than burning coal, but that biomass...

On the Road; Rural American Bus Stop

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Day Six: Bill and Duff meet with Evan Bayh’s Regional Staff

Rejoined Bill to meet with Evan Bayh’s Regional Director for Indianapolis. Left not really getting a feel for what Bayh is looking for, or isn’t looking for, in a climate bill. We’ll see if contact info. for Bayh’s D.C. staff comes our way. For sure, Bayh’s staff knows what SOS is about: KILL THE BILL. Tomorrow we meet with Richard Lugar’s staff. Lugar is our lone Republican senator. Share this:EmailPrintFacebookStumbleUpon

Day Five: Chicago to Indiana; Train Rant

TOUR DAY FIVE In transit day. Not real pleasant. Chicago’s Union Station is one of the underground bomb-shelter-inspired train stations. Plus mobs of people. The train from Chicago to Indy was going fine until–screech!–we halted for an hour to wait for a freight train to dawdle about the tracks owned by–guess who?–the owner of the freight train. This was at midnight. If we are to have a post-Climate Crisis civilization (not a sure thing at all, I suggest) then passenger rail transport in the U.S. will play a radically greater role than it does now–and be freed from...

ND: Duff, Bill, and Susan meet with Conrad and Dorgan’s Staffers

Bill Sammons, Susan and I finally met for the first time ever in continental breakfast room of Days Inn in Bismarck and plunged into planning for our first meeting–starting 90 minutes later. Bill was crisply organized with presentation packages for seven senators arranged in manila envelopes. Both meetings went well, better than I had expected. Kent Conrad’s State Director and Byron Dorgan’s Deputy State Director each talked candidly about the energy and environmental challenegs they face in North Dakota. And it turns out Bill graduated from Exeter with Kent Conrad back in… (the...

North Dakota Sky

This was shot from the van that took a few of us from Bismarck to Minot. I was told by a bus rider behind me that the land along the route had been mined for coal and then “put back the way it was.” The other guy behind me said, “how can that be???” He was the guy who asked me to hold his fish. Share this:EmailPrintFacebookStumbleUpon

The EPA CO2 Endangerment Finding

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The American Dirty Energy And Insecurity Act: The UnsuitaBlog

Climate SOS spokesperson Rachel Smolker (BioFuelWatch) chimes in at Keith Farnish’s The Unsuitablog. “Lots of mainstream enviros, especially those involved in the US Climate Action Partnership, are promoting the recent house climate bill as a great step forward. Then there are a bunch more who think it is “better than nothing”…or “the best we can get under the circumstances…” “This would seem a bit too compromised given the near daily reports about how climate change is the greatest threat of all to national security, that methane is spewing from the seafloor beds a...

Climate SOS Picked Up by E&ENews

Alex Kaplun, E&E Reporter, September 8 About 60 advocacy groups — including environmentalists, organized labor, hunters and fishers, and military veterans — announced the formation of a coalition today aimed at pushing a climate bill across the finish line in the Senate. Clean Energy Works’ campaign will feature grass-roots activities in 28 states, as well as paid media advertising. Among its members are the Sierra Club, Service Employees International Union, the American Values Network, VoteVets and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Organizers say...

“Clean Energy Works” launches push to pass “a climate bill”.

Politico New climate coalition launches By: Lisa Lerer September 8, 2009 01:47 PM EST Unions, environmentalists, hunters, farmers, veterans, and religious groups launched a major new campaign on Tuesday to push for congressional action on global warming this year. The powerful coalition forms as prospects for passing a climate bill have dimmed. The contentious health care debate is expected to take center stage in the Senate through the fall. And the Obama administration has signaled that passing health care reform should take precedence over a climate and energy bill. Democratic Sens. John...
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