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Letters on Cap & Trade pour into Senate

(Tuesday, September 8, 2009) Darren Samuelsohn, E&E senior reporter The Senate climate bill may be in limbo, but that has not stopped an onslaught of opinions about what the legislation should look like. Letters, ad campaigns and even a few threats are piled up for lawmakers on the global warming issue as they return to Washington from their monthlong summer break. Read E&E’s coverage of Climate SOS… Pushing for quick action, a group of 32 former senators, Cabinet officials and other U.S. leaders released a statement today linking global warming to national security and urging...

After Downing St: Climate SOS Sets Out to Defeat U.S. “False” Climate Bill, Claiming “Worse Than Nothing Is Not Good Enough”

Press Release posted on AfterDowningStreet.org – http://www.afterdowningstreet.org/node/45728 A grassroots network of environmentalists, scientists, human rights and social justice activists and faith-based organizations concerned about climate change launched a nationwide campaign today to either dramatically improve or defeat climate change legislation being considered in Congress. They say that the Senate bill, expected in September, will very likely take its cue from the American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACESA) passed by the House in June, and be even further watered down. While others...
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